Welcome to Gracemir Flower Farm

Enjoy fresh locally grown flowers all summer long from June through October. We offer small group workshops, started seedlings, seasonal cut flowers.

Please note: We have moved to smaller operation at our home where we continue to grow intensively lots of flowers. We unfortunately are no longer large enough to handle public pick your own flowers. We do accept appointments for private cut your own.

Gracemir Flower Farm is  located in Campbellville , near Milton, Ontario. 


Merry Christmas! thank you for 2019 support, we look forward to 2020

Thank you so much to everyone for  all the local support this season. Enjoy spending  time with your families and make sure you include flowers in your Christmas decor. Check out Marantha Flowers and Gifts for decorating ideas, Martha is my neighbor just up the street, just below the village of Campbellville.

We learned a great deal over the last 3 yrs and have decided instead of growing on a larger scale(to save our backs) , now we will focus on certain varieties and also will preparing started plants for sale in the spring. This will include unusual flowers, herbs and heirloom vegetables. We will post some pictures of some of the flowers we had fun with this summer and introduce some new ones we want to try.

We will be doing these from home in some intensive plantings. Watch for updates on FB as we continue to grow this season on a manageable scale at our home property. We will host some gardening workshops for  learning some new skills and techniques, how to get the most from a residential cutting garden to encourage birds and beneficial pollinators. Stay tuned!

Winter is upon us but we are still .

Well the first wee bit of snow has come but so also the catalogues of  seeds, bulbs and new plants to be established, sooo much colour to choose from. Starting a flower farm is a constantly evolving process, choosing, growing, testing seedlings and plants, expanding more beds for the ones we love, scaling back the ones that aren't what we hoped. A greenhouse and germination room now to get an earlier start to the season. Lets get growing...